hello, this will be a test of object-oriented php
Default functionality
Database connectivity
Basic Authentication
Access control infrastructure
Basic Identification/User information
Basic Instance Information
Basic form structures with rules about page placement (or movable with memory)

SaaS model
each instance can have users from other instances if they allow them
User associated with multiple instances will choose upon login to the primary domain, or if connecting to the specific domain, they go right in
Instance user admin:
  rules for a new user (allow all, deny all, request/accept)
  identify users who recieve requests and can accept them

User info can be requested by anyone, and granted only by user
New data structures in an instance require an owner, that owner can grant access to anyone (none, aggregate, view, modify)
New/changes to data structures recorded and available via rss feed for users belonging to the instance
Structure of any instance can be exported to a new instance
Instance fees are a startup cost, annual fee based on storage plus output costs.  Primarily output costs since that would match to the value they are getting.

data structures must state access policy (modify, view, aggregate, none)
data structures must state notification policy (modify, view, aware, hidden)

general use case
user logs in, sees favorite views of data
decides to add a new field to a view, clicks add, defines access policy, notification policy, metadata on the data including a description
now field is on form and ready to accept data.

tools to import data (mass data into one-more columns in a view from a subset of data)

use case of exapnding use
user searches for enrollment number
finds data definition for it from sally
requests access from sally
sally recieves notification, accepts/rejects
user recieves notification of acceptance, can now add to a view or make a new view

views are also sharable by the owner